Ocean Safaris and Whale Watching

The sea is a unpredictable place, and every time you go out to sea, there is always the possibility to see something unbelivable!!!
This is a video from one of are ocean safaris were mother nature was at her best!!

Marine Ocean safaris

Guinjata Dive Centre sites along the Southern coast of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique at the Southern mouth of the Mozambique Channel. Here the Agulhas Current runs North to South bringing warm tropical waters down from the Equator. The warm waters allow suitable conditions for spectacular coral reefs, that support a large diversity of marine Life. The topography off are coast line becomes very deep very quickly, This allows for large fish and marine mammals to be found right off shore.
Ocean Safaris gives you the opportunity to experiences and explore the wild waters of Mozambique. Ocean Safaris last around a hour and a half to two hours. We run are trips according to the low tide.

Boats comming back from whale safari

We start by a shore launch from the beach and head out towards Pandaine bay in search of marine life. The ocean is full of surprises, every time you go out to sea, you have the chance to witness something spectacular. We often see sea bird,whale sharks, mantas, sea turtles and dolphins on the way to and from Pandaine, as well as in the bay. Depending on the conditions, guest are often able to get in and snorkel with these amazing animals. In Pandaine bay there is a spectacular protected reef, that at low tide becomes calm and shallow between 1-4 meters. This is also a great place to snorkel and see first hand the underwater world.

Whale Watching

Between the months of June and November, Humpback whales can be found right of shore, The whales migrate to warm waters to give birth, and return to cold water in the south to feed. During these months we offer whale watching trips, that gives guest the opportunity to encounter these beautiful, graceful giants up close.

Snorkeling on Ocean Safari in the warm and cristal clear water of Mozambique

Snorkeling on Ocean Safari in the warm and cristal clear water of Mozambique