FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tap water safe?

Yes. All our taps are safe drinking water.

What electricity sockets are there? (Adaptors)

Our sockets are the three-round plug, same as South Africa.

Do you have wifi?

Unfortunately we don’t offer wifi. To access the internet, you must obtain a Mozambique sim (very simple to do once you are here, we shall help and advise on arrival). You can then buy airtime and data on this (vodacom), and set your phone as a wifi hotspot as necessary for internet access on laptops/tablets etc. The prices, subject to changes, are as follows:

250MT – 1274MB

500MT – 3060MB

1000MT – 6120MB

4300MT – 29900MB

What facilities are there to buy food?

We have a local small supermarket, Taurus, 400m from the dive centre. This has basic necessities (milk, bread etc). You can also purchase toiletries, alcohol/cigarettes, airtime and frozen meats. It has a limited stock of fresh fruit and veg, but it is preferable to go into Inhambane (45 minute drive) for a much wider selection and considerably cheaper prices. For seafood, there are plenty of locals on the beach who will sell you their catch of the day. If you ae staying with us at Caso Do Mar and on the food package, we provide fresh Pao’s in the morning, a large brunch and then substantial evening meal. Any additional food items you may want to purchase (fruit juice, snacks) you should be able to find in Taurus.

How easy is it to get petrol?

We have a garage 5km from the dive centre, on the road that goes to Inhambane (there are also petrol stations in town). You can fill up vehicles here and have tyre pressures adjusted for free.

What are the roads like/how accessible is the dive centre?

Inhambane town is mostly decent quality decent roads. However, to get to the dive centre (and the majority of resorts) there is a 15km sand track so 4×4 vehicles are preferable. There is also a good chance of getting stuck on the dunes and beach with anything else. From the airport (in Inhambane) we can arrange transfers if you let us know timings etc.

Is there constant electricity?

Usually our electricity supply is good, but we do occasionally have power cuts. It inevitably varies, but they occur approximately twice a week and tend not to last more than a few hours. If you plan to stay in Caso Do Mar, we provide torches in all rooms. The oven is also gas-powered, so unaffected. Most of the larger resorts have back-up generators and therefore power cuts are not an issue, but it is worth checking with what provision there is at each specifically.