Avg depth 22m
Max depth 35m

Sea apple found on Green Tree Reef

Sea apple found on Green Tree Reef

Situated in depths of 32 meters, lies the spectacular reef, Green Tree. Named after the gigantic Green Tree Corals (Tubastrea Micranthus) found on the reef.
This is one of Guinjata Dive Centre’s wall dives. Here you can find up to 14 Green Tree Corals. This reef is less than 60 meters in length, with a diameter of up to 5 meters and a height of 6 meters. Each tree is a home to many different species of Marine life. Hawk fish, Long Nose Hawk fish, Queen Goldie’s, Blue Banded Wrasse and Schooling Idols are found in and around every Green Tree Coral. There are also many Black Tree Coral Trees found in between the Green Trees on the ledge.

Green Tree is situated 8km from the shore. This reef provides many great surprises. You may find Manta Rays passing by or Devil rays playing around you. You may even be lucky to get face to face with the awesome Zambezi sharks (Bull Sharks) or just be graced with giant Guitar shark’s presence. Game fish are always spotted in mid water, so keep your eyes to the open water. Sea-apples are plentiful and Honeycomb Eels are also a common sighting. Green Tree makes for a great diving experience and is just another amazing reef that Guinjata Dive Centre has to offer. This is for the true diving fanatics