Avg depth  14m
Max depth  20m​

Devils Peak's swim through

Devils Peak’s swim through

Situated 800m from the shore, this reef has a spectacular swim through cave. However, your way may be blocked by the 1.8m resident Giant Potatobass! The amount of macro found inside the swim through makes for great pictures. As you come out of the cave and swim back to the start of the reef your eyes catch the bubbles that arise from within the cave coming up to the surface. With the suns rays penetrating into the ocean and shining on these bubbles, it looks like a liquid rainbow of colors ascending to the surface. Moving on to the devils peak ledge one will regularly spot Paper fish, two resident Painted Anglerfish, Cleaning Shrimps, Crown Emperor Shrimps, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Geometric Eels, Black Cheek Eels and many more. Devils Peak is definitely the number 1 dive if you are into exploring and staying in one place for a fair amount of dive time.​