On Sunday we took a group on clients to one of our local reefs, Devils Peak onto Hard Rock. Towards the end of the dive, the 5 of us left were intently looking at a guitar shark nestled in the sand when everything went dark… We were trying to make out the black and white shadows around us, when a HUMPBACK WHALE came past us within touching distance!!!! There are no real words to describe the experience. Humpbacks are one of the most extraordinary mammals in the world and to see them underwater, in the wild, in such proximity, was mesmerising. Unfortunately there is no footage as we were too captivated to even consider taking out a camera, but two swam past and came back again. Whales are undoubtedly the largest species you’ll see on scuba, a mammal so huge is overwhelming, a little terrifying, and so beautifully majestic all in one. It is the closest anyone at the dive centre has come to one on scuba, now we wait with eyes peeled for the next!

Although we are fortunate to see the whales daily from the surface, from the shore and within metres of the boat, underwater was an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

Would you like the chance to see one? Come dive with us!!!


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