Welcoming Our New Dive Instructor!

New Dive Instructor Martin
Our latest addition to the team

Martin Jose Holman

Age: 30
Nationality: Mozambique

Martin’s story…

Martin grew up in Zimbabwe and lived there until he was 16 with his Mother and sister. At 16 he moved to Johannesburg under refugee status in search of work. He began bar tendering 24 hours a day to earn money to send back home. When he was 19 he married his wife and had his first son Michael. One day when he was 23 a customer at the bar offered Martin a free discover scuba course, which he took and continued straight onto his Open Water.

He began saving up and later walked into a Bright Water Scuba dive centre with R200 hoping to do his Advanced course (R2000 cost) and was turned away, but waited to meet the owner and his future course director, Greg Holmes. His course director accepted the money and told Martin he could pay in instalments and 2 weeks later he was a qualified Advanced Diver. Greg continued to take Martin under his wing and offered him retail work at the diver centre, which he shuttled between pub shifts. The commission he earned from retail, an EFR crew pack donated by Amanda Jackson at Kewe and an Instructor Development course donated by Greg (a still good friend to date), enabled him to do the rest of his diver training. On the 14th December 2012 he qualified as an instructor.

While in South Africa he dived in Alliwal Shore, Sodwana, inland Johannesburg and taught in Durban under course director Patrick Voorma. Last year he moved back to Mozambique, Ponta do Ouro, to be closer to his wife and now 4 sons who live in Beira, before coming further north in April 2015 and joining the Guinjata Dive Centre team!


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