Welcome to Manta-Reef!

Manta Reef has been nominated one of the Top10 dive sites of the world.

And it is on the PADI diving bucket list.

That’s for a reason!

Both species of Manta rays can be seen here and various types of other rays. And even if you’re not on a lucky day to see Mantas your dive will be well rewarded by lots of schooling fish, eels, anemones, turtles, nudibranches and much more.

Guinjata Dive Centre is the closest operating dive centre to the reef.

Whenever weather conditions permit we go to Manta-Reef throughout the year.

Just keep in mind: Mother nature can’t be forced.

Mantas won’t be there every day and it can’t be foreseen when they visit the reef. So if you want to be sure, may be give yourself more than one chance…

See you soon at Guinjata

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